You wanted to move. You wanted the new job. You wanted to start dating. You wanted to have a baby. You wanted the divorce.

It was supposed to be an exciting adventure. You weren’t expecting it would cause so much angst inside. You are perfectly capable of handling a challenge, but it’s been hard to connect and make new friends, adjust to the changes, and find your place. You don’t feel like you’ve found where you fit in here.

Part of you is angry for blowing up your old life and then starting over only to find that nothing really has changed. Dating is still a nightmare or your marriage still feels like a dead-end. You don’t know what to do in your new life without all the distractions that came with your old life.

Another part of you is glad that you are going through this without everyone you know up in your business. You want this new part of your life to be different. You just want to be happy or at least comfortable. Why can’t it feel easier?

I help smart, motivated people who are adjusting to changes, whether it be relocation, a new job, parenthood, or a shift in their dating or partnered relationship, to find the ease and redefine their happiness.