You couldn't wait to have a baby, but now...

You always wanted to be a parent, or at least you figured it was the "right" next step for you. You've managed to succeed in so many other areas of your life so easily; you rocked college and grad school, and are handily climbing the ranks in your career, so this "parent" thing can't be that difficult, right? Reality, however, is proving to be something different altogether.

You and your partner worked hard to structure your lives so you could fulfill the dream of staying home to raise your kids, at least part-time, but you find yourself staring off into space rather than engaging with this beautiful child toddling around your house. You desperately scroll through Facebook and post WAY more often than you ever did before, craving even the most superficial bit of adult interaction. It's hard to remember how your old life looked but you do remember feeling competent, at the very least, and while you would never wish away your child, you are stunned by how little pleasure you take in the new day-to-day.

Or, you find yourself navigating something far different than the idyllic picture of parenthood that you dreamed of. The challenges that you, or your child, have faced are difficult for friends or family to relate to, and it can be isolating. You feel like you need help, or even just somewhere to hide, but you just don’t know how to find someone who “gets” it.

I work with parents, new and seasoned, who are struggling to adjust to their parental reality. I help people find new ways to cope, new ways to engage in their lives, and new ways to find peace with (or kick the ass of) the unexpected challenges their families are navigating.