Featured in Romper: Your Partner is Growing; Are You?

9 Signs Your Partner is Growing WITHOUT You

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As I’ve mentioned in prior posts, in addition to offering counseling here in Louisville (Boulder County), Colorado, I also have a virtual therapy practice for people in and around NYC and abroad. Some of the articles I contribute to are through my online therapy practice, but contain information that I think is important to share with my Louisville and Boulder County, Colorado networks, as well.

Growth is vital to a sustainable relationship

I was recently featured in a Romper article about recognizing your partner’s growth in time to participate in that growth, and to grow, yourself, as well. This can be a tricky thing to do, as we often are quite comfortable with the status quo and don’t realize until too late that our partner has made significant shifts for their own important benefit. Growth is critical to a sustainable relationship, so it is vital that both members of a partnership be engaged in the process of self-discovery and growth. Click here to read the article for more tips.

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