Featured in PsychCentral: Are You Using Work to Numb Yourself?

I’m so busy at work, I don’t have time to…

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I was recently featured in an article on PsychCentral about how to recognize that you are using work to numb yourself, and what to do about it. This article was published through my virtual NYC therapy practice, but is ABSOLUTELY applicable to many of the people I see for counseling in the Louisville / Boulder County, Colorado area. Especially for those people who are accustomed to excelling in academia or in their career, work can feel like a safe place to bury one’s head…whether consciously or not. That’s only a problem when it is a problem, such as when it masks anxiety, disrupts your relationships and connections with others, or prevents you from knowing yourself beyond the parameters of your work role. Click here to read the article for tips.

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