Featured in Bravo: When is it OK to Complain to Friends About Your Relationship?

It’s okay to vent to my friends about my relationship…isn’t it?

Friends talking about Relationships in Louisville CO.PNG

One of my therapy specialties in my Louisville, CO practice is relationships, and I often find myself counseling people as to all the various ways they are unknowingly sabotaging their relationships. I was recently featured, through my virtual NYC practice, in an article on Bravo about boundaries around venting about relationship problems. While it is often a point of connection for many friendships – “Can you believe my wife did…?” “That’s awful! Well, if it makes you feel any better my husband did…” – dishing to friends with too much detail about your romantic partnership can be destructive to that partnership, and should be done with clear boundaries and with intentional caution. Now, that’s certainly not to say you shouldn’t talk with friends about your relationship anxiety…just that there should be awareness about the potential repercussions and a conscious decision about what to share and what to keep to yourself. Click here to read the article for more tips.

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