You love a great challenge, to engage your brain and master a skill, but when it comes to certain major aspects of your life, you feel like you score an F.

You’ve focused so much energy on the areas you know you excel in, like academia and your career, and you thought everything else would fall into place as long as you worked at being successful. It looks easy for everyone else. The perfect relationships, the ease of building a family, enjoying is this not happening for you? It leaves you wondering….

What is wrong with me?

The emotions are complex, especially since you want to love the life you are in, yet you still feel frustrated, lonely, angry and hurt. You often wonder why you can't just enjoy the good parts of your life.

You carry so much of the stress on your own and you shouldn’t have to face some of life’s greatest challenges alone.

I help dynamic, intelligent, driven people who are struggling in their relationships, with fertility & family building, or with anxiety. I help people discover who they are, what they feel, how to express their needs and get them met. Together we deep dive to really understand all the feelings, to grow an acceptance for those feelings without the sabotage and self-loathing. There will be a healthy amount of laughter and sarcasm, paired with building you up to be a person who you understand better than ever before.

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