You love a great challenge, to engage your brain and master a skill, but when it comes to relationships you feel like you score an F. 

You’ve focused so much energy on the areas you know you can excel in – academia and your career – that you've neglected the personal parts of life that you figured would just fall into place on their own. Or you've moved around, taken hits in your career, and sacrificed many of your desires all in the name of love. Whether trying to date or navigating your marriage, you feel like you just don’t fit perfectly in the picture. The emotions are complex, especially since you want to love the life you are in, yet you still feel frustrated, lonely, angry and hurt. You often wonder why you can't just enjoy the good parts of your life.

I help dynamic, intelligent, driven people who are struggling to translate their academic or career success into relationship and personal life success, whether in dating, marriage, parenthood, life transition, or just in overall day-to-day happiness. I help people discover who they are, what they feel, how to express their needs and get them met. Together we deep dive to really understand all the feelings, to grow an acceptance for those feelings without the sabotage and self-loathing. There will be a healthy amount of laughter and sarcasm, paired with building you up to be a person who you understand better than ever before.